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CXN360 has been featured in the following media.

We’re streamlining how growers receive offers on CXN360

We are continually looking for ways to improve the CXN360 experience for both growers and buyers, and we’re excited to announce that we’re making improvements to the way growers will receive grain offers via text message.

Growers will now receive a more streamlined email and text message that displays basic details about an offer to buy grain.  The new message format will include a snapshot of the offer with a clear prompt to view additional details by clicking the link associated with each bid.  This new design is intended to help growers make informed decisions about the offers they receive.  By accessing a full view of the bid details, they are in a better position to decide to accept or decline it.

There is no change to the type or amount of information growers can review for each offer in the system.  They continue to have access to the buyer name and contact information, price, quantity, any attachments or notes from the buyer, and important dates.

Another feature being added to CXN360 is single click access to phone a buyer.  This is available through the buyer details in the offer and gives growers a simple way to reach out for additional information.

These changes are going live on September 15, 2018. Please watch for the change and let us know what you think.

CXN360 highlighted on The Farm Show

There has to be a better way! Mike Witkowicz gives some background on how the “Made in the Prairies” CXN360 came about in this interview on The Farm Show.  He’s joined by Sara Favel, our representative in Manitoba, and two Manitoba growers who have been using CXN360 since the early days.

Check out the video to hear what everyone has to say: The Farm Show – CXN360 Connecting Grain Farmers to Grain Buyers

Successful Farming: Start-up Spotlight

The CXN360 platform not only benefits buyers and growers, but also creates value for consumers. Read more.

Mike Witkowicz talks cash flow management with Rural Roots Canada

Grain is relationship based.  In this Rural Roots interview, Mike Witkowicz talks about the importance of the big picture when it comes to cash flow management and your marketing plan.  It’s about looking across the full spectrum of your year and knowing when different expenses come due.

Check out the video on the Rural Roots Canada website: The Whole Picture: Cash Flow Management and Grain Marketing

The Western Producer: Making the case for modernized crop contacts

Farmers have found new ways to work with grain companies. Grain companies have accepted new ways of working with farmers.  Read more.

Country Guide: Grain marketing shifting to a digital focus

The future of grain marketing includes access to a larger market for producers online.  Read more.

Innovation Saskatchewan: The Strongest Electronic Grain Marketing Platform in the World

Farmers are looking for the best possible deal for their grain. Buyers are looking for easy ways to access all producers growing specific crops and request deliveries in a timely manner.  Read more.

Grainews: New online grain trading platform

Ag Exchange Group wants to match up farmers with grain buyers more efficiently.  Read more.