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How CXN360 makes effective grain marketing easier than ever before

With no app to download, CXN360 gives you insight and access into the market for your grain.  Evaluate your opportunities and close the deal with a few simple clicks.

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Choose your membership

CXN360 members  choose the membership that gives them the features that make sense for their operation.  Learn more about the CXN360 membership options.

Create your CXN360 Membership

Choose notification settings

You can choose to receive notifications of bids and offers via text, online, or both.  Watch the video to learn more about changing your personal settings.

Create personal asks (targets)

Create your own targets to simultaneously market grain to multiple buyers without the risk of overcommitting.  Watch the video to see how to create an ask (target) on CXN360.

Review available offers

See current offers, including details about the buyer.  You have access to price, delivery, and contract details to find the best combination for your operation.  All information is available to you even if you don’t accept the offer.

Choose your best deal

You can accept or decline an offer on the system via text or online.  Upload documents like grading reports or add notes for the buyer.  Watch the video to learn more about how CXN360 makes it easy to respond to offers.

CXN360 Inventory Management

Update your inventory

Manage and track your inventory from field to sale including a comprehensive reporting suite that accountants love.

Review and analyze

Get real-time analytics on your transactions, inventory and audit reporting with comprehensive reporting tools.

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